52 Weeks Club Songs

The 52 Weeks Club is a songwriting club originating out of Oakdale California. The rules are loose, but members receive a theme a week and try to write a song based around the idea of the theme. You can find out more about the club here.


The First One  (week# The First One)

Beat The Bushes  (week# Break Light Morse Code)

North Bound Freeway  (week# Get Them Northerners Goin’)

Somali to St. Paul  (week# St. Paul)

The Wolfin’ Hour  (week# The Wolf Hour)

You Can’t Design Yourself  (week# Design Yourself)

Folk Hero Blues  (week# I Wish Robin Hood Was Here)

Weekend Warrior  (week# The Warrior)

Men Without Women  (week# Men Without Women)

The Perfect Word  (week# Perfect Game)

Crush of Mud & Light  (week# Crush of Mud and Light)

Rugburns & Rainbows  (week# Rugburns and Rainbows)

Rambles Song  (week# Little Man)

The Ashtray of My Heart  (week# Lipstick Covered Roaches)